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Harvard Professor Claims Your Clients Are Lying To You…

Clients are liars. In fact Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman has concluded that

what they really think and feel often contradicts what they say.


For example, despite consumers claiming to compare multiple brands and

price points before making a buying decision, Zaltmans research

found that this was not the case.


According to neuroscience 95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. Proving that

emotion, not logic, drives us to buy.


So to drive conversions, sales copy must be emotionally relevant – even if it means going negative to get your point across.


That’s why painting compelling word pictures matter just as much as providing undeniable proof. Each paragraph

should intensify their craving for your offer.


Every sales letter is like a ladder designed to meet the reader where they are… and then lead them, step-by-step, rung by rung,

to the order form.


The ladder is only as strong as its weakest step: The more gripping each section is, the greater your response and average order value will be.

dousing your copy with emotion, allows you to inflame your prospects desire for your offer to a fever pitch.


Here’s a checklist to help you accomplish that…


Step #1:

Establish Affinity!


People buy from people, not corporations. Steve Jobs was a top tier salesman. We welcome with open arms, advice from qualified advisors we feel have

our best interest at heart. Especially if they’ve solved a problem we currently struggle with.


Adding a warm or expert face and personality to your copy – will explode the impact of your sales messages by leaps and bounds.


Step #2

Me To You Communication!


Instead of saying Harvard Professor proves customers lie. I stated; Harvard Professor proves YOUR customers are lying to YOU. I made it

emotionally relevant by addressing your favorite subject. YOU.


In fact, I suggest sprinkling you as much as possible throughout your copy. Your prospects could give a hoot about you and

your problems. They want you to address them directly.


Example: “As a consumer with a 700 credit score, Biden wants to increase your mortgage payments next year.”

THAT will grab attention.


Step #3

Remove Accountability


Why haven’t the other solutions they’ve tried worked? Were the other guru’s greedy grifters? Were the other products or

services outdated and dysfunctional?



Many people feel that way. Today more than ever people are looking for someone to lift the burden of accountability from their weary shoulders.

Oblige them and watch the cash register sing and soar.

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